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This is a hub. A connection space. A home for designers, coders, businessmen, and ideators to begin something together. It is multidisciplinary, student-run and Institute supported. It is meant for chatter and discussion on ideas which are full of rough edges and immense potential. This space will cultivate thought-leadership, community, and a deep desire for learning. It creates cultures which aspire to collaboration, problem-solving, and a deep rooted sense of humility.

We believe that Georgia Tech’s entrepreneurial renaissance will begin in this tiny tiny room of the Library. Here’s to the Institute. To Atlanta. And to the exchange of ideas.


In the Fall of 2012, a pilot program to simulate the conditions of a rigorous startup accelerator was launched to prove that there was a need and potential for entrepreneurship at Georgia Tech. This program was called “Startup Semester” and it provided ten student teams with structure, mentorship, and curriculum on the business model canvas. It was an aggressive grassroots initiative which quickly gained recognition. By the end of 10 weeks, the program made it to Hacker News, was praised in the blog posts of the Atlanta Startup Community and even garnered some national attention from similarly motivated student groups in CU Boulder, Penn State, etc. The need to expand this culture was clearly evident. After months spent lobbying for space, the founders of Startup Semester had a breakthrough. The Georgia Tech Library generously donated the old Presentation Rehearsal Room on the first floor to student entrepreneurs. On February 8, 2013 it was dubbed the Startup Exchange.

We throw amazing events and connect amazing people. We believe in bottom-up leadership, and we want you. Come to a weekly meeting on Friday at 4pm and say hi.

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An intense 10 week course to turn you into a lean, mean, startup machine

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Join Atlanta's student hackers, designers and hustlers as they come together to change the world

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We power hackathons and connect hackers to resources around Georgia Tech's campus.